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Nearly five months ago I moved to a new office.

Behind my desktop there was a small triangular abandoned garden (isosceles right triangle with legs of 2 meters ) .

I think I did a decent restyling … this is the latest version (3.5)  :

My little zen garden

I learned several things working on this garden :

  • How difficult is to transplant a maple
  • How difficult is to grow a lawn where is too hot
  • How undertakers ants behave creating piles of bodies
  • How to remove the smell of cat pee
  • How to avoid mosquito larvae in stagnant water

And this in just a couple of seasons!

For the 2nd half of this translation I have to thank a good friend of mine…


And here is my translation … someone still thinks Climate Change was a hoax and the review commission was not independent at all … easy justification : nothing is really independent ( you know everything is Anatta ) … I can live with that … as long as it’s not used to pollute  and conscioulsy cause suffering to others …  contemporaries or future generations.

It seems that the old mountaineers were not too wrong when stating that the glaciers are withdrawing, after all …

Soon italian translations for chapter 1.3 of the latest review…. in the neanwhile a spooky picture from IPCC AR4:

(check here for caption)