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And here it is my latest translation : a NYT article of 2010 on the “Americanization of mental illness”  (original here)

It took me more than 3 months to translate it … you know when you start an activity  with no commitment  … and then you realize that without commitment you will never carry out anything.

This time it was a short Orlov‘s piece : “Living on a stolen time”  … maybe Orlov’s style is sometimes too prissy for my taste … but he’s very competent and his words can inspire and enlighten readers (including myself).

This is the source : Orlov’s Blog

Here  is my latest translation for CDC  :  The Money Masters: Behind the Global Debt Crisis

here  is the original.

It’s a “viral” meme spreding around (here is a cartoon, here  is an illustration … and I’m sure I found it somewhere else  more than one time in the latest week).

I hope it will lead to an evolution for human society … “You see: money doesn’t exist in the 24th century”  (J.L. Picard)  (extended ver. with an intresting comment  … in case you did not see “Star Trek, First Contact” ) .

For the 2nd half of this translation I have to thank a good friend of mine…


And here is my translation … someone still thinks Climate Change was a hoax and the review commission was not independent at all … easy justification : nothing is really independent ( you know everything is Anatta ) … I can live with that … as long as it’s not used to pollute  and conscioulsy cause suffering to others …  contemporaries or future generations.

It seems that the old mountaineers were not too wrong when stating that the glaciers are withdrawing, after all …

Soon italian translations for chapter 1.3 of the latest review…. in the neanwhile a spooky picture from IPCC AR4:

(check here for caption)

1 Soldier or 20 schools ?

Original (Thank you Mr. Kristof)


Yet another american president …  keeps doing the world the same things that predecessors did … some says he can’t just stop at once and withdraw all the troops…  can’t he ? … Actually I fear he can not.

I guess aliens are watching us, disgusted, considering what sort of nasty animals we are: fighting and killing each other and distroying our enviroment to satisfy our endless personal desires …  probably they are waiting for some evolution before allowing a first contact …

I don’t know what to trust more:  their patience or  mankind’s ability to evolve …