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My wife loves painting and I think she’s very good at it.

I guess it’s her form of meditation.

Her website is now online.


I did not post anything for more than a year .

It has been a good and busy year… with a lot of miles traveled around the world. I’m glad about it.


But I just PASSED exam 1Z0-050 … and I am very happy about it.

and now … now what ?

“La via del dubbio” by Stephen Batchelor  … I guess original title is “The Way of Korean Zen” ( many thanks to Luciano for taking care of my Zen readings and borrowing me the book) … and, of course, 1Z0-050 exam guide :-/

Just found a reason to open  a new wordpress blog  :

Spotted Saturn in Virgo and Mars in Cancer yesterday at 23:00 from my southern balcony … beautiful…  tiny images actually … probably Leonardo expected something larger in NASA pictures style 🙂 … I guess I will get a barlow lens for my Newtonian telescope.

Ok … it seems that the top navigation bar (AKA tab bar) is managed completely by the theme …

Actually I can create a tree of pages … only the root pages will be displayed in the top menu (feature not included in all the themes).

I never fell into blogging … maybe because I’m not exibitionist enogh for what I considered blogging …

Anyway … things change: I want to learn wordpress now … and the best way is to have a blog so here it is…

Although I don’t want to advertise it to people I know some of them that bump into this pages could wonder why I am writing in english beeing Italian and  living in Italy … I don’t have a precise answer … I felt like doing like this for a set of reasons… conceit is not one of them belive me : a lot of people can write better english than mine.

Comunque potrei scrivere dei post anche in italiano se mi gira .